Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Law of Attraction In Sales And Marketing

The Law of Attraction is one of the most popular areas of personal development today. The Law
of Attraction is very simple stated as follows: You will attract towards you whatever you focus
on. What this means is that what you think of most is likely to represent your reality in the future.
So if you keep thinking of yourself as successful and happy then your life will automatically steer
itself in that direction. If you keep too much negativity inside you then you will attract only more
of the same. In other words, a positive mindset will help you achieve what you want and a
negative attitude will only multiply your failure. The more strongly you believe in yourself and
your own happiness and success the more you focus on all the good things that can happen to
you and themore you cut out all negative thoughts out of your life the better you will live.


It is important to understand how the Law of Attraction affects people in sales and marketing

The Law of Attraction says that you will receive what you give. When you are making a sale you
must focus on giving the clients more than what they expect. If you focus on closing the sale
then that is all you will achieve. Instead think of building a relationship, be positive and infuse
your clients with your positivity. Make them think like you think about what you are selling.
A lot depends on the "unique selling point" of your product so keep you USPs handy. If you are
good at something then use it to distinguish yourself from your competitors. If something makes
you unique then you can use that as your USP. If you have received compliments from your
clients then think about what brought forward those compliments. Did they say they found you
cheerful, friendly, reliable, easy to talk to, or something else? Make the list andwork on it. You
will discover that they are your customers not because of your product but because of you.
Working on what makes you unique is also a good way to build confidence. The more people
like you the more you will like yourself and that will increase the positivity you radiate. Your
clients will subconsciously feel that positive attitude and will respond positively to whatever you

Do not set limits on yourself. Most failure comes from acknowledging some lack in yourself. Do
not hold back because you think you cannot do something. The simply approach is to just do
the thing and watch the results.

Sometimes you will have this nagging feeling that the only answer you are going to get is "no".
Take a hint from telemarketers, they never let anynumber of negative responses stop them,
they just keep going.You must believe that your clients like talking to you. This can only happen if you work on how they can benefit every time they speak to you. Remember that it is not all about making a sale.
Above all else you must always approach your clients with the attitude that they will do something positive for you.

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